Nothing humors a commercial realtor quite like a request from a buyer who wants to own their own building of less than 2000 square feet. Small business owners who prefer ownership to renting have been largely ignored by developers in Oakland County. Until now. Crossroads Business Center, an AMG Development, is now offering office/warehouse space from 1500 to 4000 square feet at 28525 Beck Road just off I-96.  Twenty-four warehouse condo units are available in the first phase of the project, with prices starting under $150,000 and financing available. Twenty-two warehouse condo units are available in the second phase from 1200 - 1600 square feet starting under $130,000.
“Small businesses generate more than seventy percent of new jobs in this country, yet for many owners, building equity in their business is becoming more and more difficult,” AMG Marketing ManagerJeff Zaloga said. “We believe in small business and we’re giving owners an alternative to throwing money away month after month on rent,” he added.  When you lease, you not only lose money, but invariably your payments increase over time. At Crossroads, you build equity in your building with each payment, your payments are constant and predictable, and as property values increase, so does your net worth.   
The Crossroads Business Center offers owners an office, warehouse space with high ceilings, a fourteen foot overhead door, private restrooms, delivery truck access, ample parking, professional landscaping, and from 1500 to 4000 square feet of space per owner in a contemporary building. Space can be reserved now with a commitment letter and deposit.     
Crossroads is designed for business people who do most of their work outside of the office and would benefit from generous storage space with easy in/out & I-96 access. Ideal candidates include: contractors (plumbing, electrical, building, heating and cooling), telecom and computer technicians, carpet cleaners, decorators, irrigation companies, heating & cooling contractors, pest control, and more. 
Beck Road is now easily accessible through the new I-96/Beck Rd. interchange.  This area is one of the fastest growing regions for development in Oakland County, the fastest growing county in the state.   
Owners will have some flexibility and freedom to design their desired space around their business needs on a first-come, first-served basis.